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Impact of the Research results
Congress Ampere_An Abstarct
MR Symposia 2003_An Abstact
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CSIR Scheme research proposal
A UGC Scheme Submitted
Emeritus Professor
INSTITUTION:----->North Eastern Hill University,Shillong
Department:------> Department of Chemistry
Address:---------> Dr.S.Aravamudhan, Lecturer,Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, NEHU Campus, Mawkynroh, Umshing,Shillong,East Khasi Hills District,Meghalaya
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An Abstract for Seminar necssr 1
An abstract for seminar necssr 2
Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate, Z.P.M.P.High School,Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh (A.P.),India ,year 1962
B.Sc., Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry(general), Government Arts and Science College, Chittoor, A.P.,India , 1962-1965 Grade Obtained: Distinction (marks >75%) with university second rank of merit.
M.Sc., Physical Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati,A.P.Grade Obtained: A+ (68%-75%), year 1968
Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur,U.P., India Thesis on: Experimental Studies on Overhauser Effect in Free Radical Solutions, year 1975

Professional Positions (with dates):
Demonstrator in Physics, G.A & S Colege, chittoor, Andhra Pradesh,India, year 1965-66
Post Doctoral Fellow,Max planck Gesselschaft, at Max planck Institute fr Medizinische forschung, Abteilung Molekulare Physik. Heidelberg, Germany , year 1975-77 in the research area of High Resolution NMR in Solids: multiple pulse line-narrowing experiments for the determination of Shielding Tensors of Proton in single crystals of organic molecules. Experimental design and construction of rf Probes for the proton enhanced rare nuclei detection of N15 containing single crystal specimen.
An extendable-basis adhock appointment as wissenschaftliche mitarbeiter in the Fach Bereich Physik at the Institut fr Atom und Fest Krper Physik, Free University of Berlin, Berlin Germany in the Sonder Frschungs Bereich: Optical Nuclear (proton) Polarisation Enhanced detection of Rare Nuclei by Hartmann-Hahn proton polarisation transfer technique followed by rare spin FID detection for the determination of the Shielding Tensors of Rare Nulclei. Year 1977-78.
As Scientist at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India during 1979-80. at the FT NMR facility of NCL. As Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur,U.P., India in the research project on Multiple Pulse Line Narrowing Technique for Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Studies, during 1982-83.
Since 1985, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, teaching & Research in Physical Chemistry.

Was a Member of the Executive Committee of the NATIONAL MAGNETIC RESONANCE SOCIETY (NMRS) , India during the period 1999-2002

A life member of the NMRS

A life member of the Indian Biophysical Society

A Subscribed Member of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance ISMAR for the year 2002

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Indicator LINKS for CURRENT Research Activities
Link 1 Impact of the Current trends              
Link 2 Abstract for the MR Symposia IISc., Bnagalore Feb.2003
Link 3 Abstract for the Indian Biophysical Society ,IIT Roorkee Feb. 2003
Link4 Updatings for the participation in 3rd Alpine SSNMR Conference,France
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