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3rd Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR

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The POSTER session at the Venue of 3rd Alpine SSNMR Conference,consisted of 21 Sheets displayed for all the days of the conference.These 21 Sheets with a TITLE page specially made for this Webpage makes a total of 22 Sheets. These 22 Sheets would be available for downloading from this website at the Links below. Below these links some of the contents of these pages are made available as viewable images on this page to be illustartive.

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The MS Powerpoint presentation File of the NMRS2004 Conference Presentation

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CUBIC lattice;inside SPHERE.....>>& <<.....NON-CUBIC lattice;Inside Ellipsoid

In the following Graphical Plots results of the Calculation of Induced Field Contributions are displayed. A comparison can be made by varying the parametrs for CUBIC Lattice.The inner spherical semimicro Volume Element is varied in radius in steps of 6 Units( as it appears in the X-Axis, the values start with 44/50 and the final value on the left-most is 314 Units) The variations of Lattice parametrs are made to be around the mean value of 10. The variations with small changes in lattice parameter as well as for larger changes are depicted.

Then similar varitions in lattice parametrs are made for the NON_CUBIC case:: for example,a=b;c by varying a & bfor a=b maintaing a constant value for c. Then a & b are kept constant for a=b varying the value for c.

The case of using ellipsoidal semimicro volume element replcing the sphere is also considered. the Ellipsoid of revolution is defined with parameters 'e'.The ellipsoid is specified by one longitudinal axis value bearing a definite ratio to the two equal equitorial axis lengths.

The relevance of the materials presented in the poster can be located in the Book by CHARLES KITTEL entitled:'Introduction to Solid State Physics' in the Chapter-12 on "Dielectric Properties" :'Local Electric Field at an Atom'. In the section on 'Field of Dipoles Inside Cavity' the book contains basic equation and the possile computer algorithm. The case of Spherical Symmetry or Cubic surrounding is explained as the simplest case.




In the SLIDE-VIEW presentation page [LINK below] few more graphs with Variations in the Ellipsoidal shape factors for the inner volume element and the cases of NON-CUBIC lattice parameters with emphasis on the relative magnitudes of a,b, & c axes are considered.These have also implications to the Applied magnetic field direction in the Crystal Axes System

A SLIDE-VIEW Presentation isHERE Just a CLICKaway !!