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A Registered Letter from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund has been received through "Deutche POST" with item Number: RV 62 816 1295DE on 05-03-2008
and the "ruckschein" for acknowledgement of receipt is due to be sent.

Find below the scanned fascimile of the two page communication from DVB, Berlin
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Download a MSWORD Doc: Communication to S.B.M. Bangalore" from Dr.S.Aravamudhan

On Monday, 10th March 2008, during 10:00-10:40 AM, Dr.S.Aravamudhan met the Chief Manager, State Bank of Mysore, Tata Silk Farm, Bangalore and obtained the following particulars prevailing currently for the Bank account of SHANTHA which is cited in the FORM of drv-bund Claim (See fourth page in the table below:  CLICK HERE )

          State Bank of Mysore
          No 40 / 1, Nittur Srinivasa Rao Road
           TATA SILK FARM
          BANGALORE  560004
          Karnataka State,  INDIA

             Phone: 080-26760290

    Name of the Account Holder:- Aravamudhan, Shantha
    Account Number:- 54010141358

Signature: Webmaster:-Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN  Signature of Dr.Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN for Shantha
      Dated: Bangalore, the Monday, March 10, 2008, 11:35 AM

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Dr. Aravamudhan would be out of Shillong Station from 6th March 2008 for a week
and the Acknowledgement card would be sent to the DVB soon after return to Shillong.

An envelope containing the documents as follows (displayed)in this WebPage have been sent
to the Deutsche RentenVersicherugs Bund, Ruhr strasse, 2 Berlin, 10709

From POST Office at NEHU Campus 793022,
By Registered POST, NOT INSURED, Vide Receipt No:10202, dated 06/12/2007

Dr.S.Aravamudhan is currently in Shillong station:: Dated: Tuesday, 11th March 2008, at 3:59PM. For further updates CLICK HERE

Sankarampadi                 Shantha                          Vidhya  
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Antrag auf Beitragserstattung:
Gefuellt; am 22nd Sept. 1997 mit unterschrift der angestellten. (Original)
Ausweis: Copy (Xeroxed) with attestation from Genearalkonsulat Der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Chennai. INDIEN
Im eine copy von Blank formular(blank paper), die notwendige anderungen seit yaar 1997 sind notiert.
It is now required that the after receiving these documents, Bundesversicherungsanstalt should instruct how to furnish the alterations and changes in the light of the necessity to furnish also the earlier status.
The original AUSWEIS also would be submitted at the next instance.
In the few days of the recent past, during the previous 6 months there had been a consideration to have a change in the [?Geldinstitut?] bank account where the amount should be deposited.
At this juncture it is preferred to have the amount deposited in the same account of my wife Shantha, in the State Bank of Mysore, Tata Silk Farm Bangalore 560028

Uterschrift des Angestellters.
2.1 Auslandsanschrift: ARAVAMUDHAN Sanakarampadi
Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University,
PO NEHU Campus, Mawkynroh Umshing, Shillong 793022,
East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya, India
NOTE that I have attained the age of Superannuation on 30th November 2006 and find enclosed print outs of relevant orders.
The enclosed print outs are from a dotmatrix printer.
Better print outs would be possible of these images as posted at my URL:
Look to the item: Date of Superannuation: 30-11-2006 You may CLICK  Here   and  Here


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