Browser should be JAVA enabled
Seen above is a scrolling text Java Feature. This provides indication and hotlinks for the 8 URLs appearing in the FRAMES.There are 4ROWS & 2 COLUMNS (LEFT & RIGHT) providing a total of 8 Framed-Slots; each containing a WebPage. These 8 Frames occupy the 85% of the total page space. And above in the 15% space is the Java Scroll Text Feature.A CLICK on the dark- brown pane, as instructed, would set the text to scroll. There would be 8 different URL addresses sequentially displayed on the panes appearing one after another. Each pane would be on display for 10 seconds. On the smaller left pane there is an indication of the ROW No./COLUMN placement (left or Right) in which the corresponding Page is located in the 8 frames below. If that page has to be viewed in a Full Window, then start the TEXT to scroll, and, at the appropriate ROW no./Left or Right Click(within the 10 seconds) CLICK on the Pane containing the URL address. This would open the WebPage in a FULL NEW WINDOW and display for viewing. 1