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This is a Video Movie made by converting from a MS PowerPoint presentation file
consisting of 13 slides in total. The follwing is the description of the contents of the
Original Powerpoint Prsentation file:


The slides are all timed for automatic transition; and, each slide consists of animation features all with automatic timings from beginning to the end of the slide. At some points the time required to view would depend upon the viewer and at such points viewer intervention to make a mouse click would be required appropriately when the 'Click' instruction flashes. The subject matter dealt with in the presentation is 'How to Obtain FT NMR Spectrum'. Thus a description of the requirements for the FT NMR Spectrometer and basic principles of the features and its functioning are included. These contents are useful for a review after a full length lecture on the "FT NMR spectrometer". The contents are so organized that no oral explanations would be required during the viewing. Hence no audio track with oral explanations is included. The file size is 1.05 MB.'user : saravamudhan'....Dr.S.Aravamudhan

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