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Below is the Application submitted by Dr.S.Aravamudhan No:CHEM 146 dated 08-08-2002.
Also displayed is the communication from UGC
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To Download the Application to the UGC -- CLICK HERE -- and,
find that 17-page MS WORD document is the original source for the contents for this Website


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Listing the  Innovative Programmeas an tem

      Department / Applicant :          Chemistry / Dr.S.Aravamudhan    Date of attaining the age of superannuation 30th November 2006
      University :         North Eastern Hill University,Shillong
       Address : :          NEHU Campus, Mawkynroh,Umshing,Shillong, East Khasi Hills District MEGHALAYA
       Pin code ::         793 022
       Fax /Telex ::         +91 (0)364 �550486 / -550076
       e-mail ::,
      Phone ::        (Office) +91 (0)364 -272 2601 ;;(at my Desk) -272 2624 ;; Cell phone: +91 9862053872

      1. Name of the subject discipline and specific area of the course/Innovative Programme proposed ::                           CHEMISTRY: Physical Chemistry

      2. i. Title of the Course/Innovative Programme : :         The Magnetic-Resonance Spectroscopic Technique

Below is an embedded documentation extracted from "". Gives in 7mins 4secs a video illustration on the use of spectroscopy in structure ellucidation.Illustration with IR soectroscopy and Proton and carbon 13 NMR spectroscopy.
Added on Monday, December 15, 2008 by Dr. Aravamudhan at Shillong
To view the video movies made by Dr.S.Aravamudhan, CLICK on the link: 

Find the above video embedded also at the Link:-   Multi Neuclear NMR and Toxic Heavy Elements

       ii. Proposed degree/diploma (part or full time) with duration for the course ::         In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Ph.D.,Degree

       iii. The course is applicable for students passing out of ::   M.Sc., Degree Certificate Examination in CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS

       iv. Number of the students expected to be appeared for the course :: Can be intended for a Class with a strength of 12 students

       v. Whether there will be any sponsored candidates from the industry, agency /organisation ::  Course-annoucements can be sent to such institutions

2.[a]  Impact Teaching/ Research     Go to Top of Page

      3. Specify objectives and goal to be achieved, wilh its impact on teaching, research or both.
             As specified in the (may be found enclosed) Attached Additional Sheet AAS # 1
CLICK HERE to download AAS#1

AAS #1

Magnetic Resonance Phenomena provides a unique context for understanding the application of Quantum Mechanical Formalisms with the spin Hamiltonians and the spin-state wave-functions since the early descriptions of the phenomena can be introduced with classical vector pictures and equations obtainable from the considerations of motions of classical bodies and magnets. The specific reasons - as to where and why the quantum mechanical descriptions become inevitable - throws a great deal of light into the realms of applicability of quantum and classical descriptions.

The mathematical prerequisites are much more elementary than what the students usually contend it to be and it is necessary, at least in the case of students who specifically seem to hold the bias of not opting for mathematics,but opt for subjects which do not titled explicitly in mathematical terms. This trend leads them invariably to the ordeal of trying to use much less straightforward approach while having to apply mathematical procedures which learnt as a revision of elementary level mathematics would be much simpler.

This required elementary revision eventhough a few talented teachers can venture into finds obviously a description as if it is a strange way of handling the subject matter and not many in such contexts seem capable of supporting since magnetic resonance itself is a much more recent and advanced technique which is being capsuled for application without having to learn too much about the phenomena and its descriptions. This usefulness makes the students not well appreciate what they are not able to use of this technique. Hence an exclusive effort of the sort of innovative programme is worth giving a try at the North Eastern Hill University , Shillong

      4. i. Whether the proposal fits in under this scheme of the UGC -- yes/no       YES

       ii. How it is not fit in other programmes like research projects (minor/major or other) of the UGC.
       It is not intended to be contributing to a publications list of NEW FINDINGS

       iii. How it is not fit in UGC's other programme like research (minor, major or other) This is not a task of solving for any formulated targets but intended to be an aid to those who would be pursuing academic programmes requiring a better acquaintance with the Spectroscopic Techniques

      5. Level of the course :-
(a) Under Graduate - yes / no

       (b) Post Graduate --- yes / no               YES

       i) M.A./M.Sc               YES

       ii) M.Phil.               YES

       iii) Ph.D               YES

2.[b]   Impact Teaching/ Research    Go to Top of Page

      6. i. Specify whether the areas of the course belong to emerging or hi-tech or in the areas of national and global priorities : This particular technique to be covered in these courses has the scope for better ingeneous applications because of the rapid growth concomitant with advanced instrumental capabilities.

ClCK HERE for a Website of this Applicant, on "NMR as a Tool for Structure Determination"
ClCK HERE for a Website of this Applicant, on the use of Information Technology for teaching
ClCK HERE for a Website of this Applicant, on the Emerging Trends in Instrumentation
ClCK HERE for a Website of this Applicant, on the Social Relevance & Higher education

Inscribed in on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 10:13 AM

Dr. Aravamudhan was a Resource Person at the UGC Refresher's Course of the Academic Staff College, at the Department of Chemistry, N.E.H.U., Shillong held during Sept.20-Oct.12, 2007 and had five Lecture Slots to talk about and demonstrate the Innovative Approaches for the better effectiveness of the Class-room Teaching. The impression gathered is that the suggested approaches as demonstrated were well received by the participants. With greater bias towards the initiatives as indicated in this PROFORMA, the subject matter of NMR was also covered and some of the presentation files which were showed on that occasion are included as "links to download from" in the webpage for the  "Course_Contents". A provisional report was conveyed to UGC & NEHU about this effectiveness with a request to promote this feature in the Refresher Courses in the future as well

Dr. Aravamudhan was a resource person at the UGC-Refresher Course in Chemistry, on�Highlights of Structure and Reactivity for Today�s Chemist� at , North Eastern Hill University, Shillong during Sept-Oct 2008. Due to the importance of Time Resolved Spectroscopy [T.R.S.] for considerations reaction mechanisms and chemical dynamics, Dr. Aravamudhan chose to hold three lectures on this subject matter. The following documents can be downloaded from these interent hotlinks which contain the materials covered in these lectures.

                                                                                                            Links above added on Oct. 9, 2008 at 12:10PM

EMBEDDED FLASH MOVIE  set up on Thursday, 7th November, 2019 at 10:37 PM

Even if these cannot be instantaneous requirements to make on the spot in the classroom), these tools offer a great advantage in making possible a preparation of class romm lectures to illustrate the current day software developing procedures for chemistry subjects. It is possible to make original chemistry lessons which simultaneously make possible learning intelligently with the current day software oriented courses in Chemistry

In most of the Spectroscopic contexts, the Electro Magnetic Radiation interacting with matter has to be mathematically dealt with by describing the sinusoidally varying radiation in terms of the exponential of the imaginary argument. This is the euler equation or expression as one may find in the embedded Flash movie made from the Microsoft powerpoint presentation file.
Particulrly in the context of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, the current day pulsed NMR methods require setting of different RF pulses with well synchronised phase relationships and associating them with change of the coordinate axis along which the radiation causes perturbation. Typically using phase sensitive detection techniques, experiment in which "Phase Cycling" features require a clear perception of the Laboratory frame and rotating frames of references to design pulse sequences to compensate for instrumental artefacts or to regulate and specify the required spin system evolutions and select out the specified responses of spin systems.
And, this slide-show feature made available to intenet viewing by an embedded flash file conversion is meant for the beginners.Click on URL-link below

CLICK to display the webPage featuring the FLASH VIDEO MOVIE described as above
This Flash movie would require about 46 minutes for initial loading (with a broadband internet connection (@256Kbs) for which the transfer rates are actually about 3.6KBs as monitored online. Once loaded the falsh movie would stream smoothly and repeatedly over and over again.
inserted on Wednesday,November 21, 2007 at 11:42 AM
">CLICK to dispaly a WebPage with embedded flash movie on FT NMR

       ii. Whether the proposed course has already received financial assistance under the course of vocational education or under the course in the scheme of emerging areas of the UGC.  See this Communication from US UGC  There had been benefits flowing because of the grant by CSIR of a CSIR Research Sheme to this PI at N.E.H.U.

      7. (a) Major aims of starting the course by the University / College (Please specify your purposes):: On the basis of the experiences in teaching these course-contents to the student community and other research workers an effort of this sort is being initiated.Since the applicant is also the principal investigator of a CSIR Research Scheme on related topic, a programme of this type would enable this institution to realise those objectives even more effectively.

       i. Bringing innovation and excellence in teaching or research or both in the area : yes/no :: YES

       ii. To give a solution to the local/regional/globa1 problems by training of the required human resources for  b). Generating possible employment opportunities for the students in the area :: YES

ClCK HERE for a Website of this Applicant, for a reference to the relative importance of such consideration
An OUTLINE for acitivity at University Science Instrumentation Centre   A DRAFT applicaion for GRANT in UGC prescribed form

       c) Serve industry, Govt./ other organisations which are possible users or are sponsoring agencies for courses etc. (put numbers here) and to moblise industry / other organisation to know their requirements.:: YES
3.   Impact Environment     Go to Top of Page

       d) Solve problems in ecological / environmental / atmospheric and related aspects :: These consequences are not excluded from the possible resulting advantages

CLICK HERE for a Website of this Applicant topically relevant for this item

       e) Societal education, research and teaching for popularisation and application of the know-how, technology output :: NONE particularly intended and targetted:::    nevertheless CLICK HERE !   and HERE!!
       f) Monitoring, abatement of and giving a solution to the hazardous problems, natural calamity disastcrs / flood :: NONE to be specific;;;;But   CLICK HERE ?
      8. Attach newspaper clippings / documents on sustainable development in the area, if available
      9. Indicate the names of other laboratories, international or national or industrial organisations or NGOs with possible area(s) of interaction in such case, if any ::
as in AAS #2
CLICK HERE to download AAS#2

AAS #2

Since the applicant has experience in participating in the teaching programmes of various Universities around the North Eastern hill university,Shillong, in addition to handling this subject matter in the class room sessions at Instititions like IIT/Delhi, IIT/Kanpur and at the AIIMS,New Delhi, it would be of considerable interest to share the consequences of such teaching programmes with those institutions. Also at the National Chemical Labboratory,PUNE the Scientists, Research Scholars,and the Scientific Assistants who require informations while operating the spectrometers have found the lecture classes conducted by this appicant useful and interesting. This experience suggests that an initiative of this type is worth promoting in this academic institution as well.

4.   Experience of Coordinator    Go to Top of Page

      10. Infrastructure available for running the course / innovation :-
i. Specify major equipments : Benchtop/Minispec NMR Analysers would be acquired under a CSIR Research Project with this applicant as the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR : for particulars visit Web Site: ::
       ii. National / Intenlational facilitics:: A Liquid-state High Resolution Multinuclear Pulsed FT NMR Facility at the Regional Sophisticated Instruments Centre(RSIC),North Eastern Hill University, Shillong
       iii. Space / building / class room for enduring the course::: As is available for the regular classes for conducting the courses in the University
       iv. Existing teacher (Prof./Reader/Lecturer - provide member, area(s) of specialisation , superannuation date, experience with years, publication in referred jounals. Mainly only this applicant: ::Dr.S.Aravamudhan,Lecturer,Department of Chemistry : for particulars of teaching & research experiences visit Web Site: "" (also in AAS #3 G & H)
CLICK HERE to download AAS#3

For a pertinent documentation on the RESUME:CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to download and view a MS Powerpoint presentation file of the oral presentation at
the NMRS2004 conference, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics,Kolkata on Friday, February 20, 2004; 12:15-12:30 PM
to indicate the Current Research topic of this Applicant.

CLICK HERE to display and view a WebPage
with the particulars on the intended participation in the Joint event of
17th European Experimental NMR Conference & 32nd Congress Ampere on Magnetic Resonance and Related Phenomena, at Lille, France in Sept.2004

       v. Infrastructure / facilities available / created, if any, through Special Assistance Programme (SAP) and COSIST (give the list of equipment and other facilities ):: This Applicant�s CSIR Research Project Provisions as mentioned in item-10(i) above and in item-1 (ii);(iii)
      11. Name of industries or place or universities where the work will be undertaken :: At the NORTH EASTERN HILL UNIVERSITY,SHILLONG

5.   Syllabus Magnetic Resonance     Go to Top of Page

      12. Furnish details of course collaboration needed along with the syllabus and the plan of infrastructure and examination procedure to be followed.:: As per UGC course As can be found in AAS #3 A ,B,C,D,E,F
CLICK HERE to download AAS#3

CLICK HERE to display a page URL:
containing the Syllabus for "Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Techniques"

      13. Specify the requirements based on the following: i. Most essential and critical requirements of staff, laboratory equipment's etc., required for starting the course/innovative programme.:: As is already stated above in this application, and, as is at present available at the Univeristy: Nothing else to mention here-in specifically
       ii. How much maximum time will be required to implement the innovation programme?:: The programme is to be completed during the IXth Plan period This application may be considered for the X Plan Period for a COURSE DURATION OF a maximum of 6 months.
       iii. Whether the university / organisation / industry where the course / innovative project will be undertaken has agreed to provide the required infrastructure facilities for the students :: As may be particularly made out as remarks by the UNDERSIGNED University Authorities
       iv Whether the State Government / University will take up the recurring liability of the liability after cessation of the UGC assistance to the programme::: The benefits must be accruing even after the cessation of the UGC assistance

      14. Mention innovative and creative part of the project (Highlight innovation or creative quality to be brought in ). :: As may be found in AAS #4
CLICK HERE to download AAS#4

AAS #4

This is an effort in trying to illustrate that what is being considered as a stringent requirement and formidable for the students with insufficient background can possibly be made simple and to show that what is required is a simple revision of elementary aspects already taught at lower levels but are not covered at all the intermediate levels with the required emphasis on revision since the main title gets importance only at relatively higher level of the Curriculum.

      15. Whether the project is meeting global requirement in hi-tech, emerging, thrust areas or it is a proposal to solve some issues or problems of national priority or thrust?:: This is an all-encompassing effort trying to improve upon the existing trends . More specifically to improve the  class-room attention when the attendees are prone to have bias which may not lead to durable progress. This is more so because the Magnetic Resonance technique is being flooded with improvisations due to the global requirements.

      16. How it is going to influence research & teaching. ::Better utilization of the available Spectrometer facilities. And, a familiarity with basic curriculum structure better enunciated in terms of the basic aspects required for this technique to enable a due emphasis of these basics at formative levels courses.

      17. Whether the proposal/project has been placed to any other agency? If so what is the status. :: After the D.O. from the UGC has been received the coordinator has been making efforts to secure the necessary finacial support from CSIR as part of the CSIR Research scheme. These efforts may be found to some extent described in the Final Technical Report submitted to CSIR and the stated Justifications while seeking an extension of the Term after the completion of three years:  CLICK HERE  for documented particulars.

      18. What is the percentage of the possibility or success of this innovative or creative project, if the UGC agrees to support the same based on the recommendation of the Expert Committee a plan period::: Possibility of launching & accomplishing similar tasks in other Subjects- Disciplines. And to find out the possibilities of improving the teaching of these courses by experiencing the prevailing inadequacies � any success rate estimate would require a cumulatively cascadable method and at any rate scope for further efforts could be stated as a cent percent certainty , if not better.

      19. For courses in emerging areas or project on innovation/creation etc. covered under the Innovative programme, the UGC assistance will be upto the IXth Plan period only or limited to the period given under the project proposal which ever is earlier. :: May be similar terms can be applied by considering this programme for the X PLAN PERIOD. In view of the applicant�s fill-in remarks in item 18 above,there need be no limits to be specifeied for these efforts at this outset itself. There may not be much expenditure incurred and hence a grant amount can become durable for longer periods than the specified plan period.

      20. Give specific item-wise details for non-recurring (one time grant) and recurrig (annual requirements). The list of the equipments priority wise with cost may be provided. The infrastructure/facilitics created, if any, through SAP and COSIST programmme may be kept in view. :: NONE to specify

       � If the project is an individual one, a certificate from the university authority stating that all facilities to implement the programme/project will be provided by the University/College may be submitted with this project. A copy of the applicant's curriculum with evidence of publication and justification for considering the proposal under the innovative programmme. ::As per the considerations of the UNDERSIGNED authorities of this University
       � Proposal/project will not be consider if it is not submitted in the prescribed form.        � The proposal is to be submitted in duplicate to the Secretary. UGC with a copy to the Joint Secretary, (SAP/COSIST)I UGC, New Delhi.

Signature of the Vice Chancellor/                                                             Signature of the Coordinator/ Applicant
Registrar/ Principal of College;                                                                        Signature of the Head of the
& Applicant with Date;                                                                                                Concerned Department
(With Seal);                                                                                                                         (With Seal)
Reprinted on April, 1997

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Dispalyed below is a Fascimile of the Communication from UGC

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CLICK HERE    for the letter of Acknowledgement to UGC

CLICK HERE   for the letter to HRDG,CSIR requesting Extra Equipment Grant

CLICK HERE   for the Provisionally Filled in "INPUT DATA" Form meant to be for a progress report

CLICK HERE    for the 'standing' this proposal could have in view of the UGC Objectives for the Innovative Programme

CLICK HERE    for the possible phases of implementation as was till 14th Nov. 2007............
when there occurred the recent (the current status to evolve with the back-drop of correpondences as below) communication from the UGC

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CLICK on this image to dsplay a personal page of Dr.S.Aravamudhan

Superannuation at NEHU on 30-11-2007 and the communication from UGC on this proposal under INNOVATION programme

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