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inserted on Friday, March 07, 2008 11:04AM:-   A webpage on the Correspondences with  Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Berlin

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Ever since the approach of 23rd Oct.2003 I have been recalling to myself certain incidents for which I have been giving a shape of impressive display and by the 10th Nov.2003 begining of this page construction was the outcome

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A one minute song below
Lyric & Voice: Aravamudhan
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The lyric
written by Aravamudhan
around the year 1973
to be sung to the tune of film music:
See the "Video on the audio editing"
in right-most column of this table

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Click here for Song: "Dil Mein Jagi Dhadkan Aise"
Click here for Song: "Dew Drops":played on instrument Santoor

This Flash video below is esssentially a Video on Audio Editing for the interests on Audio Track. Click on the Video panel, display the player bar and set the audio to 'ON' even at the outset.

Click here for Song: "Samudra Manthan":Instrumental, Santoor
A link to the Album: "Elements:Water":at MIO WebSite
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Dhyāna Sl󫡭: Bhagavadgītā

aum pārthāya pratibodhitām bhgavatā nārāyanena swayam
vyāsena grathitām purānamunina madhye mahābhārat᭦lt;BR> advaitāmŗtavarşiņīm bhagavatīm aşţādaśādhyāyinīm
amba tvām anusandadhāmi bhagavadgīte bhavadveşiņīm

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Click HERE   to Jump to view a picture "foetus"
by Erich Blechschmidt Heidelberg Science Library?page 19 Springer-Verlag 1977.

A Link to a song from Music India Online: CLICK

Growth is not an endogenous process, but it is one induced from outside.An abundance of ?inputs?, all directly or indirectly impinging on metabolism from outside, stimulate growth. We previously called the process of growth an event going from outside toward inside. In relation to this process, the effects produced by the cell nuclei are always secondary. The differentiation with metabolic movements oriented away from the exterior is a basic principle of differentiation (outside-inside differentiation). A very simple reflection supports this (at first strange) assertion: By growing, the organism first procures the space for differentiation in interior. If the germ first grew internally, it would evidently ?burst?.

CLICK for Song : "Abhi Nahi Aana"
CLICK for Song : "In Dino"
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Section II , 20. Vaishnodevi- The Mystic Experience,
by Dr.Sumita Roy ?page 280 Advaita Ashrama 1997
(Publication Department) No:5, Dehi Entalli Rood, Calcutta 700014 .
A Composition of Sri Purandaradasa in Raaga Madhyamavathi 4-11-2007 9:18PM
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?Yes,yes, beloved Mother, we can sense it. We now know that you are enshrined in our hearts and minds. In the monotony of our everyday existence, whenever we will feel tired, sad or frightened, we will never forget to take refuge in you. And in that moment of time, we will be mentally transported to your eternal Bhavan, this holy cave, which, though thousands of kilometers away from where we are, will yet be so near.?

CLICK HERE-->-->to display a Webpage which is in a novel way to espouse education with teaching and research: which is an INNOVATION PROGRAM envisaged in the UGC guidelines
Photographs of Vidhya
Photographs sent by VIDHYA when she was in Hyderabad at the Ramoji Film City
There are 10 slides in 'TRANSITION'to display on the left in the sequence as in the table below
TRANSITION mode"interleaving"

Vidhya's writing  1/10
Chinesegarden     2/10
dancing lads          3/10
dancing maiden     4/10
Appearance Entry 5/10
hanging lights      6/10
Vidhya's friend     7/10
Vidhya's appearance 8/10
Heidelberg City
(photo from Hd)     9/10
Palace Hall          10/10

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Foetus a movingtext Java Feature  CLICK HERE to read text "Beginnings of Human Life"


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Photograph upload 30-11-2006


MRI Pictures in these columns of the Table are from an article {based on a review (1988)J.Phys.E.,Vol.21,p.18} by P.Mansfield in year 1992 in the book as given in the moving texts.

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Picture upload on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 1:32PM
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phool hai Chaand Hai...
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