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This page last updated at Shillong, on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 11:29 PM

CURRICULUM VITAE: of  Dr.S.A r a v a m u d h a n
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Department of Chemistry
North Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793022 Meghalaya

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 Superannuation  on 30-11-2006
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To enumerate the cumulative impacts of the topic on which papers are being contributed at international conferences  it is necessary to recall that the poster presented at the Joint ISMAR-CA?98 was the material presented at the NMRS(India) Symposia at IIT/Delhi (1997) and at IISc., Bangalore (1998) which even in India evoked an interest and later found acceptable alsoto be presented at International conference. This work has yet to be pursued for better results to be conclusive. This effort was to use a Magnetic dipole for Shielding (Induced Fields) calculations and the results till now on this could further substantiate the reproducibility of the Deagnetization factor Calculations by using the same approach and equations for induced field calculations with an additional constraints and equations used for summing over semimicrovolume elements for the whole macroscopic specimen.

While presenting these approaches for the Macroscopic Magnetized Specimen in India at the Dehradun,IIP (1999) Symposium the abstract could be presented giving the rationale for the necessity of semimicro volume elements and the derived equations inquiring as to whether all these are only a mere mathematical simplification OR can there be more to it. Later the interest from the audience and viewres of posters resulted in presenting the Full explanations and calculation of Demagnetization factor and its reproducibility and these were the considerations at the NMRS Symposia at TIFR,Mumbai (2000) and at Chennai,CLRI/IITM (2001) which were summarised as POSTER presentation at the 2nd Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR ,Chamonix Mont-Blanc,France (2001). Soon after there were messages received from the participants expressing much interest in the material and these materials are being more carefully studied by them as per the messages, from the point of view of the posiible applications indicated.

The presentations at XIII International Biophysics Congress, New Delhi (1999) and in the XIV IBC at Buenos Aires,Argentina (2002) have highlighted and explained the induced fields and their calculations from the point of view of Membrane transport studies by NMR methods and further efforts to improve the applicability are being pursued. The purpose of all the national and international presentations are being more and more substantiated by the interest of the Organizers (National &International) of Conferences. The explanations for the workability of this simple procedure for induced calculations raises a few questions which must be clarified and explained before detailed application of the method. In Feb 2003 in the National Symposium on Biophysics, a typical consideration of a aromatic-ring susceptibility tensor was used to illustrate the consequences of induced fields calculated in the tensor form at a point nearby the ring.

On the basis of the simple procedure being used for the calculation of Induced Fields due to the magnetized specimen in the regions inside and outside this Uniformly magnetized Specimen and the inferences based on the already known demagnetization effects, an inquiry was put forth as to what really are the criteria for the specimen shape and the shape for the semimicro volume element (a cavity) would apply to know the trends of field distributions inside a magnetized specimen. This was the content of the oral presentation at the NMRS2003 in IISc., Bangalore. A suggestion could be made in these considerations that if the Lorentz cavity is chosen to be a nonspherical shape , an ellipsoid for that matter, then within this volume element the discrete dipoles would contribute at a nuclear site inside induced fields and, will these trends be the same as it is for spherically shaped Lorentz Cavity?

At the 3rd Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR, France during Sept 14-18,2003 the above question could be certain extent answered from the numerical trends from a simple lattice sum calculations for CUBIC & NONCUBIC lattices when a spherical and nonspherical (ellipsoidal) inner volume elements are considered. it seems the Lorentz Cavity need not be only spherical since even for an ellipsoidal shape of comparable semimicro volume element the discrete poit dipoles yielded the same limiting sum value for the total contribution from all the dipoles within the volume element. Hence the Lorentz cavity need not be only of spherical shape. Then for the same dimensions for all cases the CUBIC lattice yielded the same numerical value indicating a near zero contribution but for noncubic lattice the limiting sum varied significantly depending on the relative ratios/magnitudes of the lattice parameters. And even in this ellipsoidal case the limiting values did not depend on the elliticities for the ellipsoids and all values were close to the nonzero values obtained for the spherical case.
Thus having carified for the situations with regard to the intermolecular lattice contributions at proton sites in the single crystal specimen, now it seems more confidence can be placed while using the magnetic dipole ( the Joint ISMAR CA'98 POSTER presentation) for the intramolecular shielding calculations since the comparison with experimentally measured Shielding tensor values would be available with much more certainty.Further reconciliatons of the situation inside the Lorentz Ellipsoids for solid state and liquid state HR PMR studies seems to be due

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Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate, Z.P.M.P.High School,Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh (A.P.),India ,year 1962
B.Sc., Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry(general), Government Arts and Science College, Chittoor, A.P.,India , 1962-1965 Grade Obtained: Distinction (marks >75%) with university second rank of merit.
M.Sc., Physical Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati,A.P.Grade Obtained: A+ (68%-75%), year 1968
Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur,U.P., India Thesis on: Experimental Studies in Overhauser Effect in Free Radical Solutions, year 1975  CLICK HERE  for a glimpse of the Synopsis of the Thesis

Professional Positions (with dates):
Demonstrator in Physics, G.A & S College, chittoor, Andhra Pradesh,India, year 1965-66
Post Doctoral Fellow,Max planck Gesselschaft, at Max planck Institute fur Medizinische forschung, Abteilung Molekulare Physik. Heidelberg, Germany , year 1975-77 in the research area of High Resolution NMR in Solids: multiple pulse line-narrowing experiments for the determination of Shielding Tensors of Proton in single crystals of organic molecules. Experimental design and construction of rf Probes for the proton enhanced rare nuclei detection of N15 containing single crystal specimen.
A Tenure appointment as Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter in the Fach Bereich Physik at the Institut fur Atom und Fest Koerper Physik, Free University of Berlin, Berlin Germany to work on Optical Nuclear (proton) Polarisation Enhanced detection of Rare Nuclei by Hartmann-Hahn proton polarisation transfer technique followed by rare spin FID detection for the determination of the Shielding Tensors of Rare Nulclei. Year 1977-78.
As Scientist at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India during 1979-80. at the FT NMR facility of NCL. As Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur,U.P., India in the research project on Multiple Pulse Line Narrowing Technique for Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Studies, during 1982-83.
Since 1985 Teaching Physical Chemistry and Research in Magnetic Resonance,Quantum Chemistry as Lecturer in Deaprtment of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 793022



1. Electron-nuclear Overhauser Effect Studies in Solutions of Organic Free Radical :S.Aravamudhan and P.T.Narasimhan , Fifth International Conference on Magnetic Resonance , TIFR, Bombay , India (Jan.1974) IC 1
2. Lineshape and sign of asymmetry Parameter of 35Cl Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in a Powder Sample of BCl3 : K.V.Raman , S.Aravamudhan and P.T.Narasimhan , Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Nuclear Quadrupole Resonace , Italy (1973) IC 2
3. Qualitative Improvement of Resolution in High Resolution Proton Magnetic resonance in Solids : U.Haeberlen , S.F.Sagnowski , S.Aravamudhan and H.Post , J.Mag.Res., 25 , 307 (1977 ) RJ 1
4. PMR Study of Single Crystals of Malonic Acid ; Shielding Tensors of ylene Protons : S.F.Sagnowski , U.Haeberlen and S.Aravamudhan , XIX Congress Ampere on Magnetic Resonance and Related Phenomena , Heidelberg , West Germany (1976) IC 3
5. High Resolution PMR Study of Single Crystal of PMDA: S.Aravamudhan and U.Haeberlen , Meeting of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesselschaft , Mainz , West Germany , (1977) IC 4
6. Proton Shielding in Single Crystals of alpha - Oxalic Acid Dihydrate ; Comparison with Deuteron Shielding : S.Sagnowski , S.Aravamudhan and U.Haeberlen , J.Chem.Phys., 66 , 4697 , (1977) RJ 2.
7. Wide-line and High Resolution Proton Magnetic Resonance in Single Crystals of Malonic Acid: S.F.Sagnowski , S.Aravamudhan and U.Haeberlen , J.Mag.Res., 28 , 271 (1977) RJ 3.
8. Pyromellitic Acid Dianhydride ; Crystal Structure and Anisotropic Proton Magnetic Shielding : S.Aravamudhan , U.Haeberlen , H.Irngartinger and C.Krieger , Molecular Physics , 38 , 241 (1979) RJ 4.
9. An Aspect of Hgh Resolution PMR in Solids at Higher Magnetic Fields : S.Aravamudhan and P.T.narasimhan , 14th Annual meeting of the Association of Magnetic resonance Spectroscopists of INDIA , IISc Bangalore , India (1983) NS 1.

Year 1997-1999

Contributions of this author from the research work carried out at N.E.H.U. begins with 3rd NMRS Meeting
Dr.Aravamudhan Joined N.E.H.U. on the 15th April 1985          Attaining the age of superannuation on 30th November 2006

10. Use of Magnetic Diploe for the calculation of Shielding Tensors , S.Aravamudhan and A.Tomba Singh , 3rd NMRS Symposium , IIT Delhi , New Delhi , India (1997) NS 2.
11. Implications of Calculating the Full shielding Tensor of Protons in Benzene Molecule Using a Magnetic dipole Approximation : S.Aravamudhan and A.Tomba Singh , 4th NMRS Symposium, IISc Bangalore , India (1998) NS 3.
12. Investigating the Feasibility of Calculating the Intramolecular Shielding Tensors Using a Magnetic Dipole : S.Aravamudhan , Proceedings of the Joint 29th Ampere and 13th International Conference on Magnetic resonance and related Phenomena , Technische Universitt Berlin , Berlin , Germany (1988) IC 5
13. On the possibilities of Calculating Demagnetization Factors by Lattice-sum od Considerations : S.Aravamudhan , 5th NMRS Symposium , Dehradun , India (1999) NS 4.
14. On The possibilities for a Method to Facilitate Membrane Transport Studies Based on Bulk Susceptibility Differences and NMR , S.Aravamudhan , Journal of Biosciences , 24 , Supplement 1 , page 132 (1999) . XIII International Biophysics Congress , Poster P284 , New Delhi , India (1999) IC 6 & RJ 5.

Year 2000-2003

Today's Date:
15. Calculation of cavity Field in a Spherical Sample with concentric Spherical (Outer and Inner) Compartmens : S.Aravamudhan , National symposium on Magnetic Resonance and Biomolecular Structoure and Function , TIFR, Mumbai, India (2000) NS 5.
16. Computational Simulations and Sensitivity of the Electrochemical Analytical Techniques : S.Aravamudhan , in Anlytical Techniques in Monitoring Environment , Section 4.40 ,pages 647-652 , Editor Prof.S.Jayarama Reddy, Students Offset Printers , TIRUPATI , India (2000) IC 7
17. A Report on the Demagnetization Factor and Induced Field Calculation for Standard sample Shapes : S.Aravamudhan , Symposium on Spacially Resolved Magnetic Resonance and 7th NMRS Symposium , CLRI / IIT Madras , Chennai , India (2001) NS 6.
18. Induced Fields Due to a Magnetized Specimen : S.Aravamudhan , 2nd Alpine Conference on Solid Stae NMR ; New Concepts and Application , Poster 2 , Chamonix Mont-Blanc , France (2001) IC 8
19. Applicability of a Reported Simple Method of Calculating Induced Fields to Calculate Contour-maps of Ring-current-effect Shielding valuesfor Macro-(Bio-)molecular Structure Determinations, Discussion Meeting on Structural Biology & Symposium on Biophysics, Jan.21-23,2002. Deaprtment of Crystalography and Biophysics, University of Madras. Auspices of Indian Biophysical Society. NS 7.
20. NMR 2002 : Shielding and Demagnetization factor Calculations: Molecular fragments Making up the Whole Molecule; Close-packed Volume Elements Making up the Whole Specimen. 8th NMRS Meeting, Jan.23-24,2002,Centre for Biomedical Magnetic resonance,Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical ciences,Lucknow NS 8.
21. Induced Field Distributions in Heterogeneous Samples. XIV International Biophysics Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 27- May 1,2002, POSTER #22-01. IC 9. (Enclosed Abstarct & Particulars)
22. A Simple Summation Procedure for an Involved Integral Evaluation for the Calculation of Proprties dependent on Specimen Shape, Poster Presenation at the 72nd Annual Session of the National Academy of Science ,India held in North Eastern hill University,SHILLONG during
November 25-27, 2002 NS 9
23. Can HR PMR Provide Further Insights Into the Requirements of the Spherical Shape for Lorentz Cavity?Oral Presentation>[{ The Microsoft Powerpoint File for this presentation can be down_loaded from this LINK }]at the NMRS Symposia at IISc., Banglaore,held in Feb.2003. NS10 (Enclosed Abstarct and Particulars)
24. ?Aromatic Ring Current Shifts???..? .A Poster Presentation at the National Symposium On Biophysics at theDepartment of Biotechnology, IIT/Roortkee, held in Feb.2003. NS11
25. "Discrete Point-Dipoles within a Semimicro Volume Element:,,,,,,,,,,,," , S.Aravamudhan, POSTER presentation at the 3rd Alpine Confernce on Solid State NMR, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France, Sept 14-18,2003 Poster No:9 IC 10

Year 2004-2009

26. Participation in the NCBS Symposium on "Molecules,Machines and Networks" held at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR, GKVK Campus, Bangalore 560 065 during January 5-9, 2004 IC 11
27. ?Aromatic Ring Current Effects in (Macro-) Biomolecules: Prevailing Forms of Equations and the Proposed Use of Tensor Form for the Shielding of Nuclei? , S.Aravamudhan, POSTER # 41, National Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Biophysics, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore Jan 14-17,2004 NS12
28. ?A Perspective of the Point Dipole Approximation for the Prospective Intuitive Chemists? Approaches? , S.Aravamudhan, POSTER #372,6th National Symposium in Chemistry of the CRSI, IIT/Kanpur, Feb. 6-8.2004 NS13
29. ?Concerning the  Specimen Sample-Shape for the Single-Crystal HR PMR studies? , S.Aravamudhan, Oral Presentation, NMRS 2004 Conference, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, Feb.17-20,2004 NS14
30.  Magnetized Materials: Contributions Inside Lorentz Ellipsoids Known only by HR PMR in Crystalline Solids S.Aravamudhan, Oral presentation at the National Symposium CMDays'04 held at the Department of Physics, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong 25-27 August 2004 (find reference for CMDays'04 proceedings publication below at #42) NS14
31.INDUCED FIELDS AND DEMAGNETIZATION; NUCLEAR SHIELDING AND LINESHAPES IN SOLID STATE NMR, S.Aravamudhan, POSTER Presentation at the Joint event: 17th European Experimental NMR Conference and the 32nd Congress Ampere on Magnetic Resonance and Related phenomena, held at Lille, Frnace during September 6-11, 2004 IC12
32. Partcipated in the International Workshop on Biomedical Magnetic Resonance- IWBMR2005, at the All India Institute for Medical Sciences New Delhi January 12-15, 2005 IC13
33.  Disentangling the Bulk Susceptibility Medium-Effects from the Molecular Local Chemical Shift Changes in Heterogeneous Biological Systems, Poster presentation atThe XXI International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems ICMRBS and the NMRS2005 held between 16 and 21 January 2005 in Hyderabad, India. IC14
34.  AROMATIC RING CURRENT EFFECTS IN (Macro-) BIOMOLECULES: Prevailing Forms of Equations and the Proposed Use of Tensor Form for the Shielding of Nuclei  poster presentation atNational Symposium on "RECENT TRENDS IN MOLECULAR AND MEDICAL BIOPHYSICS"- The IBS2005 held during JANUARY 22-25, 2005 at UNIVERSITY OF PUNE Organized by INDIAN BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY and DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY OF PUNE IC15
35.Participated in the International Workshop on Recent Trends in Solid State NMR in Biological Systems to be held during January 24-26, 2005 at I.I.Sc. BangaloreIC16
36.Attended the  7th National Symposium of the "Chemical Research Society of INDIA" C.R.S.I. at the Indian association for the Cultivation of Science during 4-6, February 2005 37.Visit to NCL PUNE during 8-11, February 2005 NS15
Attended the Meeting of the Materials Research Society of INDIA, MRSI2005 at NCL, Pune NS16
38.Induced Fields in Magnetized Materials: Calculations and the UsesAbstract Submitted was accepted for ORAL Presentation at the "REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON MATERIALS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS" Organized by and held at Department of Physics, Manipur University, Canchipur, Manipur, India held during FEB 18-19, 2005. Presentation held on the 18th Feb.2005 NS17
39. Participated and Chaired a Technical session at the Indo-French Workshop on New Solid-State NMR Methods and Materials Characterization of the CEFIPRA  / IFCPAR Indo French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research held at the National Chemical Laboratory, PUNE during July 18-21,2005. IC 17
40. Participated and presented POSTER P3 
"A Consideration of the Enduring Questions for the Possibility of Using Arbitrary Shapes of Specimen for HR PMR Studies in Single Crystalline Solid State"  at the 4th Alpine Conference On Solid State NMR New Concepts and Applications held in France, Chamonix Mont Blanc, during September 11-15,2005.IC 18
41. Participated and held a lecture at the Seminar on Emerging Trends in Instrumentation on Sept. 26, 2005. Title of Lecture: "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Phenomenon Adopts Advances in Instrumentation to Ever emerge as an Indispensible Spectroscopic Technique"NS18
42."Magnetized Materials: Contributions Inside Lorentz Ellipsoids", S.Aravamudhan, Indian J.Phys., Vol.79(9), p985-989 (2005) This is CMDays04 proceedings special issue [The results are the same as in Ref.# 30 above] RJ6
Year 2006-2007
43. Aromatic Ring Current Shifts: Implications for Conformations in Presence of Local and Global Torsional Motions With Respect to a Site in Macromolecules, S.Aravamudhan, POSTER BS019 in Session Biological Spectroscopy at the "National Symposium on Molecules, Interactions and Design: A Biophysical Perspective" under the aegis of Indian Biophysical Society, West Bengal University,held at The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics,Kolkata, January 7-9,2006. NS19
44.Chemical Shift Tensor Determination   Entails a Revelation in Condensed Matter Physics  S.Aravamudhan, Poster PP-75 for NSC8, presented at the 8th National symposium in Chemistry of the C.R.S.I. held at IIT/Bombay, February 3-5,2006. NS20
45. Bulk solid specimen shape dependences  in the molecular, chemical-shift tensor determinations, S.Aravamudhan, ORAL presentation at the 'International Conference On Molecules to Materials'[ CLICK HERE & Jump to Event-III for 'ICMM2006'], held at Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology S.L.I.E.T.,Sangrur PIN:148106,Punjab, March 3-6, 2006. A Full Paper has been published in the 'ICMM2006 Conference Proceedings Volume'. IC19
46.An Exposure to the Trends in NMR Techniques for the Static Bio-molecular Structural Information and the Dynamic Transformations During Biological Processes  S.Aravamudhan, POSTER presented at the 'National Workshop on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology' NWBCB2006, held at the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,March 22-24, 2006. NS21
47. S.Aravamudhan  Participated  in the, UGC Sponsored - 'National Workshop on Computers in Chemistry', ( Cited Herealso in the Web linknbsp;) held at Cotton College, Guwahati, June 5-7, 2006. NS22
48. PERSPECTIVES ON POINT DIPOLE APPROXIMATION:  The context of (intermolecular and intramolecular) NMR chemical shifts, S.Aravamudhan, POSTER PP108 presentation at 'IIT/Madras Annual Chemistry Meet & the First CRSI Mid Year Meeting'held at IIT/Madras, July 12-13, 2006. NS23
49. SHAPE DEPENDENT FIELD INHOMOGENEITY OF HOMOGENEOUS SPECIMEN: CONSEQUENCES IN HR PMR IN SOLIDS  , Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN, presented POSTER SS8 (Category: Solid State Physics) at the 'EUROMAR2006' held at YORK, UK, July 16-21, 2006. IC20
50. Invited to participate at the MRSFall2006   meeting in Boston, USA; due to the turn of events could not be present at the Conference Venue for the ORAL presentation which was scheduled to be held on 01-12-2006 IC21
51. A Perspective for Recognizing Discreteness distinctly from Continuum: Validity of Point Dipole Approximation to Set the Distance Scale   , Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN, Poster PP-8, at the 9th National Symposium in Chemistry of the C.R.S.I.. held at Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi, February 1-4, 2007 NS24
53.POSTER presentation at   2nd Midyear CRSI meeting   at IIT Guwahati on 21st July 2007 NS26
54. Participated in Absentia at the   EUROMAR2007  Tarragona Spain, July 1-6, 2007 IC22
55. Attended the ONE-DAY Seminar on   SYNTHESIS & CHRACTERIZATION of NANOMATERIALS   , Jamia Hamdarad University, New Delhi, on 17th November 2007 NS27
56. A STUDY ON THE FEASIBILITY OF A SPIN PRECESSION PICTURE TO DESCRIBE NQR PHENOMENON   POSTER presentation [POSTER P77 (On P179 in the Abstract Book)]at the NMRS2008 held at INMAS, New Delhi during 16-19 Jan.2008 NS28
57.Participated in the NSC10   ,at IPC,IISc., Bangalore:1-3 February 2008 NS29
58. Participated at the EUROMAR2008 ; Poster Presentation under the category “FRONTIERS”; Poster No: F-17 on The Micro-Macro Paradox in Induced Field Calculations and the Role of Solid State NMR   ; July 6-11, 2008 at St Petersburg, Russia IC23
59. Participated at the Institute Centenary Symposium at IISc., Bangalore on the theme FUTURE DIRECTIONS IN NMR held at the NMR Research Centre of the IISc. During Oct. 19-22, 2008 with a Poster Presentation on:   COMMENTS AND CLARIFICATIONS: CALCULATING INDUCED FIELD DISTRIBUTION IN SPECIMEN WITH INHOMOGENEOUS CONSTITUTION; AND, WHEN THE SHAPE IS NOT REGULAR  Poster No: P-5 NS30
60. Participated in the National seminar on   Toxicity of Chemicals & their Hazards With SPECIAL REFERENCE To Heavy Metals  delivered an Invitee Guest Lecture on MULTINUCLEAR NMR AND TOXIC HEAVY ELEMENTS, on 24th Oct. 2008 with the presentation of a Poster on the same topic. NS31
61. As a delegate of  96th the Indian Science Congress  Session, made a POSTER presentation in that event held in Jan 3-7, 2008 at North Eastern Hill University, SHILLONG.Website for this event: NS32
62. Participated (and presented a POSTER) in IBS2009 at CCMB, Hyderabad during Jan 22-24, 2009 NS33
63. Participated (and presented a POSTER) in NMRS2009 at IICT, Hyderabad during Feb. 2-5, 2009
64. Participated (and presented a POSTER) in NSC11 of the CRSI, held at NCL, Pune during Feb.5-8, 2009
65. Delivered two lectures at the National Workshop on E-Learning   held during March 18-19, 2009 at the Computer Centre, and organized by the Centre for Distance Education, N.E.H.U., Shillong;
For a COMPREHENSIVE SET of links on Dr. Aravamudhan� Activities visit:
Dr.S.Aravamudhan attained the age of superannuation (62 years) on 30th November 2006
A revised draft of application for Grant for a Project is being finalized.
Activities as EX LECTURER, Department of Chemistry, NEHU: Currently a molecular dynamics calculation is being envisaged using a PCGAMESS soft ware to be able to know the trends in the inter molecular approaches and dispositions while the molecules get closer or when they are closely packed. On the basis of this, it would be possible to arrive at appropriate molecular clusters at optimized locations with respect to each other. The position coordinates of such structures can further be used as inputs into calculations using DFT algorithms to find the extent of intermolecular contributions in the cluster of molecules in comparison with the isolated chemical shift values. This approach can be yielding the necessary criteria for improving the applicability of Magnetic Dipole Model for intra and inter molecular Shielding contributions as envisaged in the two references cited at the end of the enumeration under “Impact of Results” in the beginning of Annexure-I above in the resume. An example of the efforts made in this direction is the Video movie file embedded in the webpage:"
CLICK HERE  for an elementary & introductory article by Dr.S.Aravamudhan. Title: "NMR as a tool for Structure Determination"
Significant effort and importance is given for the activities related to the contents in the WebPages with URLs as given:
Until this resume is updated look up webpage  for my activities and these activities would be consolidated and added to this resume periodically. S.Aravamudhan
The perspectives on Higher Education would further be evident from the contents of URL:
IC# stands for International Conferences/Congresses/Symposia -23
NS# stands for National(indian) Symposia/Conferences -35
RJ# stands for Refereed Journals -6
Total = 65 -2 = 63.
Dr.S.Aravamudhan had been the Pincipal Investigator of a CSIR Research Scheme entitled:
"Shielding Parameters of Nuclei: ...........Crystal Structure..............Molecular Electronic Structure"
this Scheme has completed its THREE year TERM on 31-12-2004; URL:
Applying for Grant after the Superannuation for the Objective of Comprehending Induced Magnetic Field Distributions in Materials
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All the events during Jan.-Feb., 2005 above have been listed out at the web page
All the events during Jan.-March, 2006 have been listed out at the web page
Events during 2006-2007 listed at
A page at 'tripod' with index to other URLs                A Site covering more recent documentations by this author
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IC# stands for International Conferences/Congresses/Symposia -20
NS# stands for National(indian) Symposia/Conferences -22
RJ# stands for Refereed Journals -6
Total = 52 -2 = 50.

Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 11:29 PM

Dr.S.Aravamudhan had been the Pincipal Investigator of a CSIR Research Scheme [An earlier draft of reserach proposal  is being revised currently] at the Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong (Meghalaya) 793022 INDIA . The Scheme is entitled:
"Shielding Parameters of Nuclei: ...........Crystal Structure..............Molecular Electronic Structure"
this Scheme has completed its THREE year TERM on 31-12-2004

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Displayed as ' FRAMED ' pages in view at a single and same Desktop display.

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