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National Symposium of
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National Symposium on Chemistry (2006)
of Chemical Reasearch Society of India
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International Conference on
Molecules to Materials
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The Logo below is an image copied from the web site for the IBS2006:  EVENT-I
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----- Original Message -----
From: "Gautam Basu" gautamda@gmail.com
To: "Gautam Basu" gautamda@gmail.com
Cc: soumen.basak@saha.ac.in; pinak@boseinst.ernet.in; sidroy@vsnl.com;
chanchaldg2000@yahoo.com; soumalee@wbut.ac.in; vcwbut@sify.com
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 4:30 AM
Subject: IBS2006 POSTER
> Your abstract for IBS2006 is now accepted as a poster presentation.
> Please find {POSTER BS019 in Session Biological Spectroscopy} the abstract number of your poster from the attached pdf
> file - all abstracts have been divided into five broad categories: 1)
> BS / Biological Spectroscopy, 2) PFD / Protein Folding and Design, 3)
> CB / Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 4) XR / X-ray
> Crystallography: Structure and Interaction, 5) NA / Nucleic Acids.
> There will be two poster sessions at IBS2006 (the information on the
> website will soon be updated):
> Jan 07, 2006 / 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM : all abstracts starting with "BS" and "PFD"
> Jan 08, 2006 / 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM : all abstracts starting with "CB",
> "XR" and "NA"
> The poster display area will be 1m x 1m
> > All displayed posters will be considered for five best poster award
> during the symposium.
> Those who were selected for oral presentations from the submitted
> abstracts have already been informed separately.
> Please feel free to ask me any questions about your abstract / poster.
> With best regards,
> Gautam Basu

> --
> Gautam Basu
> Jt.-convener, IBS2006
> http://www.saha.ac.in/biop/ibs.2006

----- Original Message -----
From: "Gautam Basu"
To: "Vaishali Shah" ; "Poonam Singhal" ; "Ashwini Kumar" ; "Rishi Somvanshi" ; "Aravamudhan, S.Dr."
Cc: "Soumalee Basu" ; "Kankana Chaudhuri"
Sent: Sunday, January 01, 2006 11:42 PM
Subject: IBS2006 Type II accommodation at Udayachal
> Dear IBS2006 participant:
> I am appending your IBS2006 accommodation details below.
> Type II (double occupancy) at:
> Udyachal Tourist Lodge
> (Landmark - Mishra's Restaurant and Purta Bhawan at Salt Lake):
> Block - DG, Sector - II
> Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 091.
> Phone: +91 33 2337 6246/2358 9347
> To reach your place of accommodation from Howrah Station or the > Airport please take a taxi (you can get prepaid taxis if you specify > the area you want to go) to "Salt Lake". Use the landmark mentioned > above. If you have problems please call me on my mobile (9231874575).
> Venue of conference:
> Auditorium of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
> (Near Baisakhi Island ask for "Saha Institute" Office):
> Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Block - AF, Sector -I
> Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 064.
> Phone: +91 33 2337 1253
> To reach SINP from Howrah Station or the Airport please take a taxi > (you can get prepaid taxis if you specify the area you want to go) to > "Salt Lake". The land mark is "Baishakhi Island" (here island means a > four-way crossing). Please ask anyone. If you have problems please > call me on my mobile (9231874575).
> To reach SINP from inside Salt Lake, take a bus / autorickshaw / > cycle rickshaw that goes to "Baishakhi" islnad. Ask for Saha > Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) there. If you have problems > please call me on my modile (9231874575).
> Please confirm the receipt of this letter. >
> Gautam Basu
> Jt.-convener
> IBS2006
> http://www.saha.ac.in/biop/ibs.2006
> P.S. Please note that we have already paid for the entire period > (6-9) and arranged for breakfast during your stay. We will collect > the cost of accommodation from you on a flat basis (Rs. 250/day > including breakfast). Transportation will be available from your > place of stay to the conference and back. We will provide lunch and > tea during the conference (Jan 7-9). Dinners on Jan 7 and 8 are part > of the conference. For food on Jan 6, please coordinate with me since > each person will arrive at a different time.
> If you have any special request (like pick up from the airport or > Station, or accommodation beyond the normal dates, 6-9 Jan) please > let me know now. If you have already put in some special request, > please resend it again so that we can double confirm it.
> In the next mail I will respond to your special requests individually.

----- Original Message -----
From: Aravamudhan, S.Dr.
To: Gautam Basu
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: IBS2006 Type II accommodation at Udayachal

Dear Dr.Gautam Basu,
Thank you for the message on accommodation and the approaches.
Please take special note of the fact that due to flight booking considerations I had to book my ticket for travel on the 5th Jan. 2006 and hence I should be reaching Kolkata Airport on the 5th Jan. 2006
Flight Schedule particulars:
Flight No: S2 312
Date of travel 5th Jan. 2006
Departure at Guwahati: 14:55 hrs
Arrival in Kolkata: 16.05 hrs
Hence I would require Boarding provisions also for 5th Dinner and through 6th Jan. 2006
Please let me know the conveniences for this early arrival at the Venue for the IBS2006.
Best regards,

----- Original Message -----
From: Gautam Basu
To: Aravamudhan, S.Dr.
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: IBS2006 Type II accommodation at Udayachal

We are aware of your special case.
On 5th, as you walk out of the terminal, someone will wait for you outside the exit with your name on a placard to receive you and take you to your designated place of stay. It may so happen that for the first night you stay at some other place (not Udayachal). Please call me on my mobile if you have any problems after you arrive.

NSC8 of the C.R.S.I. at IIT/Bombay EVENT-II

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Click on the image below

 CLICK on Picture
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POSTER PRESENTATION at the 8th National Symposium on Chemistry, NSC8 of the C.R.S.I. at IIT/Bombay
CLICK to Go to POSTER presentation

Submitted Abstract for the
International Conference on Molecules to Materials
March 3-4, 2006 to be held at SLIET, Longowal, Sangrur-148106, Punjab
Logo Below

CLICK HERE to display the site for ICMM-2006
Go To EVENT-I              Go To EVENT-II            Go to TOP of the PAGE

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The Counter above: set up on Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 11.09 AM with reading "00001"

ICMM-2006 is organized with the intension to promote close professional interactions among scientists through wide ranging discussion and critical debate on recent scientific advancement in chemical science and technology. The conference shall encourage interdisciplinary research growth and strengthen relation between various industries, research laboratories and institutes of learning for building knowledge economics. The combined efforts and interaction shall lead to draw a common strategy for sustainable developments of science and technology which can be exploited for the benefit of mankind.

CLICK HERE for a page on participation in Joint ISMAR-CA'98 depicting intramolecular induced fields with magnetic dipole model
The PMDA molecule studied;that with which began these perspecives
CLICK HERE for a Correspondence/Nov 4,2005/on recent (2005) publication. CLICK on the link below the picture for an earlier correspondence
The HR PMR Experiment & Spectra
CLICK On this Picture to display the POSTER site Webpage for 4th Alpine conference on SSNMR
PMDA Molecule in Single Crystal and the bulk crystal specimen (material)

DOWNLOAD Abstract  and preferably opt to save to your disk

DOWNLOAD the FULL Manuscript prepared on 14th/15th Jan.2006  and preferably opt to save to your disk

   : Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 00:15:35 -0800 (PST)
   : From: "Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN"
   : Subject: Re: Acceptance of paper
   : To: "Dr Minati Baral"
   : CC: chem@nehu.ac.in, khathing@nehu.ac.in

   : Dear Dr.Minati Baral,
   : As per the circular, I should be sending my manuscript of about 6 pages to you for this participation by 15th Jan. 2006.I am receiving your message while at Kolkata where I arrived yesterday to participate in the IBS2006.
   : I shall try to fulfil this requirement as much as possible since I have to write up the manuscript while I am on tour. I would be including some materials as I have indicated in the references of the abstract and the Links of powerpoint files at my WebPage for the NSC8, of the CRSI:
   : But the purview of the material covered for the ICMM06 would be much more broadbased and would be a representative contribution under the title of "Molecules to Materials"
   : Please keep track at postings of my page:
   : Acknowledge specifically when you receive the Registartion Form and the Fees.
   : S.Aravamudhan
   : Dr Minati Baral wrote:
   : I am pleased to inform you that your paper has been accepted for ORAL presentation in ICMM-2006.

Find Abstract below
Bulk solid specimen shape dependences in the molecular, chemical-shift tensor determinations

Department of Chemistry
North Eastern Hill University
PO NEHU Campus Mawkynroh Umshing
SHILLONG 793022 Meghalaya

This paper deals with the complications arising because of the necessity to disentangle the various sources of induced fields arising at a proton site in molecular single-crystal specimen while making the measurements for the determination of the molecular contribution to the nuclear shielding.

While discussing the EPR/NMR Line shapes observed in solid paramagnetic systems, invariably the necessity for a macroscopic spherical shape is emphasized for ensuring that the bulk susceptibility (well known criteria from discussions on magnetic material) contributions are zero(1). However, the situations did not become much explicit(2) with respect to the necessities for �average� field evaluations while trying to estimate the various induced fields contributing at a particular site in a solid specimen. But trying to inquire(3,4) for the molecular symmetry features, in an experimental measurement of Proton Shielding Tensor, has brought out a significant aspect to the attention that it is the contributions from within the Lorentz Sphere around the proton site which is most significant(5) among all the factors contributing to the induced field at the proton site. That this aspect requires a enduring considerations was brought to prominence at the instance of the HR PMR measurements in single crystal specimen and the efforts made till recently(6) seems to be leading to the conclusion that if the induced field contribution at a site is considered to be made up of (i) molecular contribution (ii) the contribution from the Lorentz Sphere and (iii) from the remaining bulk of the material, then in this case of diamagnetic samples, it is the contribution from Lorentz sphere which could be predominating even more than the contribution from the entire bulk of the material7. Since the bulk material contribution is known to be requiring complicated procedures to estimate, it seemed necessary to find a simpler procedure for the bulk susceptibility contribution and it has been possible to evolve a simple summation procedure to reproduce demagnetization factors.

1. http://geocities.com/inboxnehu_sa/Poster_Sheets_Ampere.html  Poster Sheet_22 &23
2. http://geocities.com/inboxnehu_sa/Poster_Sheets_Ampere.html Poster  Sheet_1 & 24
http://geocities.com/inboxnehu_sa/Poster_Sheets_Ampere.html   Poster Sheet_15
4. http://geocities.com/saravamudhan1944/eenc_ampere_lille.html  Section-4
5. http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/id12.html  Section: �Contributions/Ensuing events�
6. S.Aravamudhan, Ind.J.Phys. 2005, 79(9), 985-989
7. http://nehuacin.tripod.com/id3.html

                         This update inserted on 28-02-2006 at 5:11PM in Chennai

   : Regards
   : Minati Baral
Dr.Minati Baral, Assistant Professor
Organising Secretary, ICMM-2006
Department of Chemistry
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology
Dist:Sangrur 148 106,Punjab
Tel: ++91-1672-284952(o)
Fax ++91-1672-284840
Mr.Sankarampadi Aravamudhan
Department of Chemistry
North Eastern Hill University
PO NEHU Campus Mawkynroh Umshing
East Khasi Hills District
Shillong 793022 Meghalaya
Telephone:+91(0)364 272 2624
Fax:+91(0)364 255 0486-255 0076
   : Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:43:20 +0530
   : From: "Dr Minati Baral"
   : To: dhiraj_chaturvedi@yahoo.co.in,
sanjivkuk@yahoo.com, aashish_bhardwaj@yahoo.com, "rajesh upadhyay" , saravamudhan@nehu.ac.in, drnavin@satyam.net.in    : Subject: Receipt of registration fees for ICMM-06
   : CC: arsarkar@vsnl.net, "nemai ganguly" , "CHITTARANJAN SINHA" , "pankaj sharma"

   : Your registration fees has been received at the conference secretariat.

   : Thanks
   : Conference Secretar
DOWNLOAD the FULL Manuscript prepared on 14th/15th Jan.2006  and preferably opt to save to your disk
Dr.Minati Baral, Assistant Professor
Organising Secretary, ICMM-2006
Department of Chemistry
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology
Dist:Sangrur 148 106,Punjab
Tel: ++91-1672-284952(o)
Fax ++91-1672-284840
   :    :    :    :    : update insertion on 20th Jan. 2006 12:27PM at Mumbai ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
----- Original Message -----
From: Dr Minati Baral
To: Prof. Laxman Dissanayake ; Gitalee bhattacharjya ; saravamudhan@nehu.ac.in ; anirudh p singh ; golap kalita ; Thangaraj Rengasamy ; Dr.Partha Barman ; Susithra Selvam ; Sreenivasa C G ; a mail from anil ; Rajarshi Ghosh ; hafijur rahaman ; k_l_gosain@yahoo.co.in
Cc: M.M.Sinha ; s_ fakhraee ; Zahra jamshidi ; venkat n ; divya ; Pankaj Ghai ; Shruti Chopra ; sk mohapatra ; awantika@iitk.ac.in ; Dr. arun isloor ; Rabindranath Barik
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 7:51 PM
Subject: ICMM-06"Information for Delegates"

Dear Delegates
The ICMM organizing team welcomes you to ICMM 2006 and also wishes you a happy journey to SLIET.
Here we attach the list of selected papers for poster/ oral presentation, detailed programme and guidelines for oral/poster presentation for your reference.
Details are also available at http://www.sliet.org/icmm06/updates.html.
Looking forward to see you at Longowal.
Minati Baral
Organizing Secretary
NB: In case you find any difficulty after reaching India/Punjab please contact any one of the following numbers
+91-9815305102 (Minati Baral)
+91-9815489841 (Ram Pal)
+91-9417176887 (Sanjeev Singh)
+91-9417493403 (B K Kanungo)
+91-9872480071 (N P Singh)

Conference Secretariat
+91-1672-284952, 284840, 284839, 280016
-- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Dr.Minati Baral, Assistant Professor
Organising Secretary, ICMM-2006
Department of Chemistry
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology
Dist:Sangrur 148 106,Punjab
Tel: ++91-1672-284952(o)
Fax ++91-1672-284840
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Attached Documents to the above message are:
2. Guidelines_for_preparing_Oral.pdf
3. list_of_selectedpapers_oral_poster.pdf
4. Programme.pdf


Browser should be JAVA enabled
                                                                                                                          update inserted on 06-03-2006 at 00:44hrs at New Delhi

Scanned Image:Courtesy-BIC, NEHU facilities
Certificate of Participation from Organizers; Click on image for full view
CLICK HERE to display the image in full size
CLICK HERE  for another related web page

This page has been displayed  Counter times
The Counter above: set up on Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 11.09 AM with reading "00001"
This update on 28-02-2006 at 5:24PM while at Chennai
Bulk solid specimen shape dependences in the molecular, chemical-shift tensor determinations

Main ORAL Presentation Materials
On transparency Sheets for display during the 10 minutes slot
Number of SHEETS 10

Four Sheets are included hereby as Appendix  below

For Sheet2 of main



For Sheet8 of main

Summation Method for Calculation of Demagnetization Factors

Results from Summation Method

Induced Fields outside specimen

InherentTwo parts in specimen

Regional spots in Specimen
Lorentz Ellipsoids

CUBIC; inner ellipsoid

CUBIC; Vary lattice consts; sphere

CUBIC; Vary lattice consts; sphere

CUBIC; Vary ellipticity

"c"9; varyLC 7 ellptcty

NONCUBIC; inner ellipsoid

NONCUBIC; Vary-a,b; sphere

NONCUBIC; Vary-c; sphere

NONCUBIC; Const'b'10; sphere

NONCUBIC; exchnge LC values; Ellipsoid

NONCUBIC;Cnvrgnc-trends; Ellipsoid

NONCUBIC;Cnvrgnc-trends_1; Ellipsoid

Browser should be JAVA enabled
                    update inserted on 21 st April 2006 at Dept. of Chemistry, IIT/Guwahati at PC Unit Prof.Saikia
Presentation file for the Talk at Department of Chemistry, IIT,Guwahati on 20th April 2006
This presentation file was modified (particularly with respect to contents of slide#11) at NCL, Pune and uploaded on Wednesady, April 26, 2006 to be available from  HERE on CLICK  
CMDays2004 presentation
CMDays2004 .pdf

Cardinal Dates

Registration Opens onwards

November 10, 2005

Abstract Submission deadline

December 31, 2005

Notification of acceptance of papers/posters

January 5, 2006

Payment of registration and Submission of Full Manuscript

January 15, 2006

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Further Schedules / Events

Dr.Aravamudhan Participated and Presented a POSTER at the  NSWBCB2006 : National Seminar on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology organized by The Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi during March 22-24, 2006. CLICK HERE  for the particulars.

Dr.S.Aravamudhan participated in the
UGC Sponsored National Workshop on "COMPUTERS in CHEMISTRY"
held at Cotton College, Guwahati from 5-7 June 2006.
CLICK on this image to display the full view

 Abstract Contents  for the July 12-13, 2006 event:  IIT/Madras Annual Chemistry Meet and the First midyear CRSI meeting
Attended the first day proceedings of the two day event: on 12th July 2006

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Itinerary for the period from 15th February 2006 to 31st March 2006
7:00 Hrs
16:05 Hrs
Mode of Transport
By Road
By Air: Jet Airways: Ft.No:9W 622
By Train No: 6003 PNR:6155751315
GAU Airport
17:15 Hrs
New Delhi
By Train: No:2621 PNR:4344268013
By Road in Car: Pick up by Organizers
New Delhi
---> Participate in the ICMM-2006 at Longowal from 3rd to 6th March 2006 --->
13:00 hrs
By Road In Car: Drop by Organizers
New Delhi
21:30 hrs
New Delhi
By Train No:2502 PNR: 2223208722
6:00 Hrs
By Road: Shared Taxi
2:30 PM
NEHU Campus
By Road; Taxi
By Train No:5636 PNR:6355852778
19th/20th Overnight stay at Guwahati
Participate in NSWBSB2006 at BHU from 22-24th March 2006
00.20 Hrs
Varanasi JN
By Train No:5626 PNR No.2424411916
Kanpur Central
06:20 Hrs
update on 29-03-2006 3:35PM; above figures are more are less actuals
Attend the general Body Meeting of Alumni-IIT/K on 25th March 2006
07:05 Hrs
Kanpur Central
By Train No:3112 PNR No.2424384821
10:50 Hrs ...

The following information is missing because of limitations in the 60000 characters per page

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