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Friday,30th August,2002
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The Following are the LINKS to : FIRST, the Annoncement Sheet of the Discussion meeting on Structural Biology and Symposium on Biophysics and NEXT, Further Below, The  12 Sheets displayed at the POSTER space during the Meeting_Symposium, held at University of Madras, Department of Crystallography, Guindy Campus,Chennai in Jan.2002
Following are the Links to Few Illustrative Frames Explaining the Rigid_Charged  Body Motions;  Resulting Magentic Moments, Dipolar  Field Distributions which  are Required Frequently to be Given a Revised Reading for Clarifications on Materials which can be  Displayed from the Sheets as Above.
A Digital Picture of DNA
Find in the lists on this page HOTLINKS to MS WORD documents which contain explanatory elementary aspects displayed at the XIV International Congress of Biophysics at Buenos Aires,ARGENTINA, in April-May 2002.
The SHEET #2 of this Poster Views is conspicuously marked
'Ask me Questions' for the view. A guest book is installed and can be used as the question box for this POSTER session.
for a Poster view of thePreliminery Results for the
3rd Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR,Chamonix Mont-Blanc,France,14-18 Sept.2003
The Four Links below contain Illustrations explaining the principle of the simple mathematical summing procedure for the calculation of Induced Fields and Demagnetization
With these basics the details of the discussions in the other pages can follow
Link to: Confview.html
A link to  Webpage  on 17thEENC/32ndAmpere

Presentation at Lille,France 6-11 Sept 2004
Further progress on this subject can be found in the links for the subsequent IBS meetings:

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